Ah, we study weather
and find out more and more
about what moves our weather

Sun spots have an impact
to start our study far away
Big shifts away out there
push and pull our climate

Moving closer, jet streams,
pathways of air way up high
‘carry the mail’ this way and that,
a giant snake of persuasion
shifting cold and hot
cool and warm

The midwest is a mixing bowl
parked betwixt the arctic and the gulf
a given day can see them both
wide swings what’s displayed
might be balmy, sort of,
fog like near the gulf
a little taste of Mexico
but short lived, for, you see,
the other way is arctic cold
blasting across the prairie
ice and snow can blow so strong
we wonder why we’re here

I have an answer, if you want to know,
we’re killing bugs in billions!
Yup! The cold kills their eggs
It also whips some nasty diseases
that attack our plants for food
Good! Brrrrr!
I’m still cold.

And the gulf weather brings us rain
that makes our bowl a greenhouse
breadbasket to the world
helped by river transport

So we live in a mixing bowl!
What a great adventure!
What a ride we have
living in
this mixing bowl… of weather!

Lin, wind chill sub zero, 12/10