Winter comes with icy fingers
strong and sure and certain
to grip us all
our whole world
frozen soil, ice and snow
and winds that blow from the arctic

Fences sink in snow
with ice and frost lacing
caking cars and windshields
no yielding

Trees stand ridged
sometimes frosted
(see hoarfrost)
sometimes plastered
with blowing snow

Comes a day
when weeds spike through
icy roads are melted
and water begins to gurgle
roofs are dripping
streams are rippling
The sun is pouring it on

Those days are bright
hurts our eyes
Sunglasses are in order
We can feel the sun
surely most welcome
and sense the sun is winning

Spring will come
it always has
and with it comes the robins
who beat the bugs
beat the worms
but somehow do survive
they bet on warmth
they always win
for that we are most thankful!

Winter’s hold is failing
it makes one stop and think
Our lives seem short
and speeding past
indeed our hold is failing

But, there is a place
that grows every stronger
able to hold us forever
Think about it
as you watch the winter fold

Come in
Come in…from the cold
and be welcomed by the Son.

Lin 2/10