Life on the oops! edge
can sure be a bother!
My coffee maker pot just off
a fraction of an inch
can sure make a mess on the counter…
the floor!

A slight miscalculation
going down the stairs
or down a ladder
or off a curb
or or or
can jerk us with pain
or even fracture

Life sure has its ‘oops’!
a built in part
living makes them happen
Nah! Not an evil plot
of some devil sneaking
just an oops we’ve got

New Year’s Day is a time
to back off
think about a lot
GPS voices say
choosing some better road
better path somehow
The Right Way?

Where are we?
Where do we want to go”
Helps us set our sails anew
Oh, to hear the snap of sails
catching the wind just so
and the surge of ship going forward
crashing through the waves

Just like the sailing ship
we’re made to forward go
“Where to?” Is really the question…
No reverse for sailing ships
nor for us either….

Sail on, my friend,
though the water’s high
and the weather blows
there is a harbor somewhere, out there
but for now,
Sail on!

Lin, January 1, 1011