A photo is a ‘stop’
in life, that is always moving
For those I know
and know quite well
the photo also shows our limits

Skilled photographers expand the shot
bringing in more than usual
but still, are so limited
because life is writ so large

So we have good things
bad things
and things in between
all going on at once
and we are left to sift and sort
and try to understand
and be positive
but be realistic

In it all
through it all
comfort comes from friends and family
and comfort comes from above
Shared burdens are still burdens
but the carrying welcomes company

Indeed life is a panoply
moving oh so quickly
sometimes we just hang on
to ride something through
learning, sharing, sustained
still here

Earth is brutal
in so many ways
yet earth is beautiful, too
Then, there’s a place called heaven
where earthly challenges, nastiness,
are not just subdued, but beaten
wiped clean
pure and enduring
like nothing on earth can be

It’s a place for humankind
only we can think it
begin, somehow,
to sense it

Laced in the panoply
are glimpses that give us clues
then there’s the amazing love
“And can it be?”
that is a bridge
leading to a home

the panoply here
for just a moment
to put your arms around that love
and give a hug today

Selah, LIn 5/10