Significant women have made statements
regarding the importance of ‘table’.
Barbara Bush said it this way:
“The most important decisions in America
are made around the kitchen table.”
As always, Barbara’s wisdom was front and center.
Grandma Warfel
near pioneer
drew a line defining:
“True friends feet
have been under your table
and yours under theirs.”
The family table is always defined
with mom and dad in specific places
honored and respected, noted always
Throughout history
it’s just the same
Everyone has a place
to start
square, round, or long rectangle
no matter
How natural Jesus was
at the table head
how unnatural he arose
with towel and bowl circled round
washing each one’s feet
Not just his own
but also with others
he joined with them at table
and he speaks to us, each one,
inviting us to His table
Living water offered…
Bread broken for you, for me,
bread that nourishes forever…
Bridges are built, maintained
at table
“I’m so glad, I’m a part,
of the family of God.
I’ve been washed in the fountain,
cleansed by His blood.
Joint heirs with Jesus
as I travel this sod.
I’m a part of the family,
the family of God.”
Lin 10/2012