Indeed they are precious!
The little ones have been molded
Shaped to look like us
just smaller?
I don’t think so!
Each one, every one
is unique!
A combination, perhaps,
of mom and dad
and brothers and sisters
grandmas and grandpas
aunts and uncles…
the list goes on.
Maybe they’re like
a huge bouquet
all buds
yet to be unfolded
What a blessing
purest joy
to be a part, play a part
in witnessing the unfolding
How they breathe
How they move
Learn to look at us
smile, frown
laugh, cry
Squeeze our neck
nestle in
relax and sleep in our arms
Wrap tightly around our leg
Run with us
Play hide and seek
Walk with us, hand in hand
Run to greet us
Leap with abandon into our arms
Sit tightly beside us
in nervous times and place
Ride high upon our shoulders
King or Queen of the world!
Seek us out
above all others
when trouble comes their way
Around the world
we can watch them, study them
So many things in common
Maybe what we have is love
played out, lived out
right before our eyes….
Selah, Lin 9/2012
Harry, Libby, Keller, Evie, Sam and Joe