A plethora of thoughts
‘letting go’, surrounded
Pictures race across my mind
Of a little one
hangin’ on to mama’s leg
a shelter in the time of storm
Of a proud papa
kissing his daughter
giving her to her husband
Of airport scenes
parting folks
kisses and hugs
and reluctant goodbyes
Of dad, hand on the bicycle seat,
running alongside the precious one
letting go
Of mom and dad
in the doorway
watching a teenager, alone,
driving away to college
Toughest of all life’s lessons
is holding the hand
of a loved one slipping away
final breaths coming
a chapter closing
Letting go happens so often
apostrophes in life
we know keep coming
long rows of candles
one being lit
another being snuffed
all in a context
of The Light of The World.
Lin 7/2012