We’ve done about all we can do:
We chose the seeds most carefully
from ten thousand possibilities
put the soil, under microscopes
and tested for its health
amended it, for maximum yield
We nestled the seeds
into warmth and moisture
watched them sprout, grow
to fine young plants
Watched for bugs, disease,
and mindfully sprayed where needed
honoring the soil and environment
So, we are done.
Each day the corn holds court
for whatever nature delivers
Temperature, moisture, wind
time goes by
Hunter gatherers roamed the earth
surviving, but in short years.
Along came farmers
who planted, cultivated, and harvested
saving seeds for food year round
surviving, better, but still with problems
nearly everyone had to be
a farmer
Then came knowledge
connecting, mothering nature
ah yes!
Our minds can study
learn, discern
how to make things better
Discover mode
lifts us higher
so one percent are farmers
freeing others for mankinds benefit
for doctors, and dentists and
ten thousand jobs to help each other
still, we need to eat
So a better seed gets planted
the soil is treated better, respected
the plants are encouraged, protected
and harvests grow
grains pour from harvesters to transports
trucks and trains and barges and giant ships
moving, moving, moving
from growing hands to hungry folks
around the earth, it happens
We’re all waiting
done, til harvest
What will it be?
Selah, Lin
James 5:7