Crisp morning air greets me
the walk frosted lightly
green grass grayed with ice
the warmth of the sun so good!
Winter’s hanging on
by it’s fingernails
losing to the tilt of earth
more and longer sun
Our black soil is soaking
a soppy blanket of mud
drinking in the precious water
that seedlings will soon be needing
Fitting that we are preparing for Easter
when darkness wins, then loses
and the Son bursts forth from the grave
New life is the order breaking bonds
rising to new heights, soaring with singing
The crocus spears have poked on through
buds are starting to swell
lambs dance around in the pasture
Soon church parking lots will overflow
with seekers and finders
Hosanna! Hosanna!
The whole world is singing!
The hope of all ages is risen!
He is the Way, the Truth, the Life
Now, and forevermore
Lin 3/2013