Another door closes
as Sonia’s hands pull
family treasures enclosed
trucked here and there and
Glancing back on decades
of goings…and comings
Places flit across the minds eye
Oregon, Illinois
New York
lines reach out to places
as far away as France
Home is where the heart is
and heart begins with mom
She can make a home
wherever she is, in ‘now’
A train station?  Airport?
A little circle is drawn
surrounding mom
and that’s the temporary home
A room at Hampton Inns?
She can make it home
for just as long as she is there…
On the farm, upstairs
but really all over the farm
her presence draws the lines
and around her we gather
‘come home’
to be with her.
Indiana?  Oregon?
No matter!
If she is there
so are we!
Moving on
with mom…
Selah, Lin 3/2013