I’ve been thinking
about where America’s heart is
and I think I’ve seen some answers!
I note a certain part of the county
where guys and gals are givers
they reach out constantly
it’s a habit
close by and around the country
Begin with ‘they are craftsmen (and women)
whatever they do, they do with passion
to do their best, make things ‘right’
Could be farming, building houses
or electrical work with insulating houses
or plumbing/heating
ah, mechanics/technitions – the best!
Gardens, foods? Dinners?
They are a joy to behold!
Dutch flats?  Flatville?  Gifford?
Like one great big family…
with great big hearts!
Okay, pick another area
southwest, this time
two small towns
each a dominant, different church
but the same predisposition
to do it well, very well
and keep on doing it better!
The same skills pursued
and mastered with like aplomb
again, two great big families
with great big hearts!
The core, I believe,
is their link to church
and not just any
but ones with heart commitments
ones that serve, the other fellow
helping and respecting are nurtured in
They help each other
and they reach out, further and further
no boundaries
they care
Jesus is the Master
guiding and directing
the way, the truth, the light
His way is their way
so they care, they serve
Oh, how they live!
Loving and laughing
crying when it fits
they are blessings
the best, they are
the heart of America
Selah, Lin 3/2013