Frustration rules on both sides
in the debate about the facts
I got a lesson early
in dealing with the public
Numbers are cast in concrete
two plus two equals four
end of story
but not for all!
You see, the problem is we’re humans
and humans like to think
often times in channels
or ditches or ruts
depending on your point of view
Some brains like mine are stuck
to drop into channels
ignore all else
and race along the straightaway
Ah, but others
just as fair
go this way and that way and
do curves and mountains and valleys
Serendipity along their way
Oh my!
What gives?
I’ve pondered long and hard
and have come up with an answer
the norm in this world is tension
We are all in suspension
pick something, anything
and study reveals it’s so
So we’re gonna have some folks
born to see things differently
it is all created adventure
Climb aboard!
Enjoy the ride!
Yell and scream a bit
but know
This is earth.
There will be tension.
Lin 1/2013
(“Mr. Warfel! Those are the facts!  I don’t care about the ____facts! I know what I want!”  Unit 7 school board meeting, 1983)