Dark plus 2
I walked to my nearby truck
the prairie was quiet
after a day of roaring harvest machines
The sky was bright with stars
more than I could ever count
what a display of span
so grand I stood held fast
I was standing on the soil
in a field my great grandpa farmed a hundred years ago
I’ll bet he stood under those same stars
and was also held fast
same as I
And my grandpa too!
Same soil, same field, same stars,
he would have gazed and been struck
at the beauty, the wonder of it all

And my dad, who farmed the same field
stood on the same soil
and after dark some harvest night
would have stood under those same stars
God’s grace is everywhere
above us
all round us
our challenge is to stop
and soak it in
Selah, Lin night harvest sky on the prairie, 2014