Our structures stand
wind and rain
sun and cold
strong against the elements
But in a moment
the wind can torture
the rain can flood
the sun can certainly age them hard
and the cold can make them crack
Above these things
the humans reign
building, tending, repairing
but in a moment
an angry wind can take away
The roar of a freight train
on the loose
making its own track across the prairie
lifting up
dropping down
the tornado twists and sucks
smashing all in its way
But in a moment
it is gone
and quiet comes
to find but rubble
where once proud homes stood
and the people come out
scratched and bruised and bleeding
but walking, talking, looking
at the lashing the wind has done
The people are the flowers
who rise up from the rubble
to once again build
Newer, better, the structures go up
as hands and machines work together
Help has come
neighbors join and share
clothes and food pour in
as word goes out
Insurance dollars flow
gifts of money come
and folks find ways to build it back
Buildings, trees, cars and trucks
have their times and places
but the flowers
the people
rise above
Thanking God for life, and mercy
Selah, Lin 11/2013