A fascinating plant
Maize, or corn
The tassel high on top
in its time throwing pollen
Light but loaded, floating down to…
Just in time the silks
Little tubes in waiting
each to carry a single pollen grain
in to a special place
an egg in waiting
The two become one, and a kernal is born
Anchored just so, to a life sustaining spot
Protected very well in a hidden place
beneath blankets called shucks
500 kernals grow
each one loaded with genes
each gene a particular, specific fellow
with work to do, in a team
Maybe the tassel is the kingly crown
but it wouldn’t be much
without the ear, the queen!
Together they really are something
From one colonel, er, kernal,
and one egg, a queen
500 children of mom and dad!
Think about that!
And the tiny mustard seed
that grows into a small tree!
Now think about the super ‘weeds’
that throw off 600,000 to a million seeds!
Secrets to unlock!
What are we waiting for?
Prepare, study, learn, discover!
We know so much
We know so little
And we get too soon old
and too late smart!
and think about it
Think about a sunrise, a sunset
and offer praise
to the Creator
Selah, Lin, Harvest 2014