The earth’s blanket
wears different coats
Most famous I think
is green
Poets, singers,
laud the richness
of lush grass, growing
and feeding animals
Summer’s harsh sun
and lack of moisture
or winter’s cold
can turn the green to tan
An earth tone
is suspect
A little coat of snow
can grace the grass with white
brilliant in the morning sun
purity displayed over earth
This morning’s grass was white alone
frost had glazed each blade
so thick the carpet lay
tinted green so slightly
it was quite a sight to see!
Even our barn red mailbox was frosted
plastered with thick frost it stood
another testament to moisture laden air
being pulled from cold darkness to springtime sun
I’ve been frosted too!
Years have grayed my hair
and headed it towards white
How about you?
Lin  2/2013